Balling is the excuse we made up to develop the products we have always dreamt of. 

Our whole lives we have been passionate about hockey and design. ‘Balling’ sprung out from a chat between friends, as the possibility of combining these two passions together and chasing the lifelong dream of playing with our own hockey sticks; designed by us, designed for us. 

Our business grew rapidly thanks to the positive response our first series of sticks and bags brought. Almost without noticing it, we had created our own hockey brand. It was then that we realized that the only way to do it was to work hard so that every new series turned out even better than the previous one. 

Fortunately, we were able to make a great team that has always enabled us to have the latest technology in hockey equipment and which has let our creative inspiration flow freely with the design of each new line of products. 

During the past few years we have learned a great deal, we have found excellent teammates and we have allowed ourselves to keep on dreaming about our brand and our products. We like to think that we are still developing the products we want to have, just like we did at the beginning; only now, “we” is now much larger than it ever was.